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  • Lightpainting. CC Flickr, By ABSattar

    Maldivians at a crossroads with religion

    I was once at a presentation where someone stated that ‘today, Maldivians are at a crossroads with Islam’. Coming from a country that likes to claim that it is a ‘100 per cent Muslim’ country and continues to believe and enforce the idea of religious homogeneity, at all costs, I thought it was a very interesting and daring statement to be said in the public domain. Whilst some of us like to deny the reality, these words hit home for […]

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  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. Photo Gemima Harvey

    For those who say there is no room for discussion on the issue of public flogging in the Maldives – Here’s one for you

    13th July 2011 – Foreign Minister of the Maldives, Ahmed Naseem meets Hillary Clinton in Washington and states “Both the United States and Maldives have the same ideals, and we strive to create democracy in Maldives…. we have been successfully broaching the democratic transition (in the Maldives). I think that was the pivoting of the Islamic awakening … And we are working very closely on the – in the areas of human rights in Geneva”. (Source: 27th November 2011 […]

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  • walking to work cc flickr, By blindscapes

    Racism. Not a myth in the Maldives.

    One of the most appalling scenes I have witnessed in Male’ was when I saw a group of ten Bangladeshi men treated as second class human beings at the Hulhumale’ ferry terminal. In the waiting area at the terminal, everyone was waiting for the arrival of the ferry between Male’ and Hulhumale’. Once the ferry arrived, the ferry service officer asked all Maldivians to get on board first and commanded the Bangladeshis, in the rudest possible way, to wait until […]

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  • happy national day. CC Flickr,  By notsogoodphotography

    Historical view of Maldivian women!

      happy national day. CC Flickr, By notsogoodphotography A British ethnographer, T. W. Hockley, visited Male’ in 1935 and expressed his views on Maldivian women: “Of the women of the place I saw but few during my sojourn in Male’. Although it is a Moslem country women do not go veiled, but, nevertheless, they seemed very shy and timid as deer, and run inside their houses on the approach of a stranger. The women as a rule are fairer than […]

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  • Labour Day Parade!

    Labour Day Parade!

    On 1st of May, 2012, MDP joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Labour Day. The protesters were advocating for worker’s rights ranging from establishing a minimum wage to the expedition of the passing of other related legislations. The security force blocked the routes and the rally  came to a halt in front of Medhu Ziyaraiy. Standing there, President Nasheed gave a speech marking the Labour Day.

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  • Earth Day Cleanup 2012

    Earth Day Cleanup 2012

    Maldivers diving centre located in the capital Male’ have been organizing the Male’ North West house reef clean up since the year 2000. This cleanup usually coincide with the World environment day or the Earth day. We went out to see how the cleanup was going. Muhammed Azmee from Maldivers gave an insight to the cleanup event. In addition to the cleanup, donations and signatures were being collected for the project AWARE, of which this year the slogan is, Give Sharks […]

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  • President Nasheed ends his official India trip

    President Nasheed ends his official India trip

    President Mohamed Nasheed arrived back from India after an official visit. He met with the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. The maldivian delegation also met with other high level Indian government officials in an attempt to explain the events surrounding the coup that took place on the 12th of February 2012. Several of MDP supporters gathered to greet President Nasheed and his delegation.

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  • Justice Undelivered

    Justice Undelivered

    Justice, when denied makes you the person you become. This thought, I am reminded of, specifically in relation to the men and women in the Time of the Coup. At the very individual level, humans feel a need to be dealt  with righteously, fairly, compassionately. When the very basic principles of belief are crossed over by a wrongdoing, there is the initial reaction, shock and build up of emotions, resulting in an outburst, rage, and hibernation, to name a few. […]

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  • Mini Twister hits Male’

    Mini Twister hits Male’

    Small twister has hit the Carnival area of Male’ today around 10:30 am. The twister lasted a few minutes before dying. A twister is a rare occurrence on the islands of the Maldives, although there have been a number of reported sighting of tornados out in the ocean. There have been no reported damage caused by this twister.

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