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  • Confrontation on the eve of CoNI report

    Confrontation on the eve of CoNI report

    The usual pro-democracy rally was taking place on the streets of male’ on the eve of releasing the CoNI report. Shortly after the rally had gotten started from Usfasgandu, it was stopped by the Maldives defense force personals. Later on the Special Operations (SO) Police arrived and cornered the protesters. Not too long after, a confrontation ensued . Two people were arrested and several protesters sustained varying degrees of injuries, including a fractured skull.

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  • Pro-Democracy activists removed

    Pro-Democracy activists removed

    Pro-democracy activists were waiting for a statement by Ahmed Saeed (Gahaa), who is representing President Nasheed in the Commission of National Inquiry. Masked police personals enter and remove the activists by force driving them down the street. Later on Saeed gives a statement in which he resigns citing lack of impartiality within the commission.

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  • President Nasheed Summoned

    President Nasheed Summoned

    The Maldives Police Services released a recording of a telephone conversation, allegedly between former MDP Chairperson/ MP Mariya Ahmed Didi and President Mohamed Nasheed. On the 2nd of August the police summoned Nasheed for questioning. A huge number of pro-democracy supporters gathered outside G. Kenereege, residence of Nasheed, filling up the narrow winding streets. Nasheed and the pro-democracy supporters walked from his residence towards the headquarters of the Maldives Police Services. Several streets were cordoned and barricaded by the Police. Clashes […]

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  • Direct Action Continues

    Direct Action Continues

    MDP and pro-democracy activists have once again come out on to the streets, exercising their constitutional right to assemble, demanding immediate elections and calling out to bring an end to the continued police brutality. This particular night’s protest comes in the midst of accusations, following the murder of a policeman in Kashidhoo, that MDP and its protestors are inciting violence towards the security forces. Although the murder is so far under investigation, officials of the state, ranging from the de facto […]

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  • Pro-democracy activists gather in front of Hilaaleege

    Pro-democracy activists gather in front of Hilaaleege

    A few courageous pro-democracy activists gathered in front of Hilaaleege, the residence of former Vice president Dr.Mohamed Waheed Hassan. He has been in power since February 2012 after forcing President Mohamed Nasheed to step down in what is widely seen as a coup brought by the security forces, the religious extremists and the rich business elite. The people gathered were calling for Dr.Waheed to hand power over to the speaker of parliament in order to make way for an election. […]

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  • Crossroad


    On 29th May 2012, a court order was released giving permission for the police to search the space (Usfasgandu) that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members had been legally occupying in the North East corner of the island Male’. The reasons outlined in the court order  varies from the production of illegal substances to the  practicing of witchcraft against Dr.Mohamed Waheed’s government. The police not only searched the space but also went on to illegally dismantle and destroy the space. The demonstrations […]

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  • MDP members hoist a large MDP flag at Usfasgandu

    MDP members hoist a large MDP flag at Usfasgandu

    MDP members hoist a large MDP flag at Usfasgandu, where they have been occupying this space for the last couple of months. President Nasheed was given the honor of hoisting the flag. The ceremony took place at 6:00 am and was attended by a number of MDP supporters and well wishers. Hoisting flags that were larger than the national flag at the republican square use to be illegal during Gayoom’s thirty year rule.

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  • Labour Day Parade!

    Labour Day Parade!

    On 1st of May, 2012, MDP joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Labour Day. The protesters were advocating for worker’s rights ranging from establishing a minimum wage to the expedition of the passing of other related legislations. The security force blocked the routes and the rally  came to a halt in front of Medhu Ziyaraiy. Standing there, President Nasheed gave a speech marking the Labour Day.

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  • President Nasheed ends his official India trip

    President Nasheed ends his official India trip

    President Mohamed Nasheed arrived back from India after an official visit. He met with the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. The maldivian delegation also met with other high level Indian government officials in an attempt to explain the events surrounding the coup that took place on the 12th of February 2012. Several of MDP supporters gathered to greet President Nasheed and his delegation.

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