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  • Rashu Jeeba Dollaru with Eyesee

    Rashu Jeeba Dollaru with Eyesee

    Abdulla Rasheed Abdulla Rasheed (Eyesee) came to the attention of the Maldivian Public as a key instigator of the public peaceful pro_democracy rally on the 12-13th of August 2004. Released after100 days behind bars without charge, remained the last person to be released. Prior to this he had been a manager for Mohamed Nasheed’s 1998 campaign to gain a seat in the Peoples Majlis. IC’s leadership was key in empowering the disenfranchised youth of Male’ to go out to vote […]

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  • Nostalgia


    Ahmed Saeed or Andhu is a visual artist from the Maldives. Today, I set down with him to talk about his series Nostaligia Andhu, gives a little insight to this body of work. [wzslider interval=”8000″ height=”800″ lightbox=”false”  info=”true”] ”އަސްލު އައިޑިޔާއެއްނާދޭ އެއްގޮތަކަށްވެސް، އައިޑިޔާއެއް އައިސްގެންނެއްނޫން އެއްޗެއްހަދަނީ އެޕްރޯސެސްއެއް އެކްސްޕްލޯ ކުރަންމިބޭނުންވަނީ”             

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  • A moment with Immi

    A moment with Immi

    [wzslider interval=”8000″ height=”700″ info=”true”] Dinba Music collaborated with Immi to do the illustrations for their Album Balimaaneh. Immi gave emmenge a moment to talk a little bit about the illustrations and the collaborative process she went through in this project. How did you end up doing this project? I was asked by Andhu if I’d like to do illustrations for an album and I agreed. What were your thoughts when you took on this project? This is the first project that I’ve […]

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  • Accept our children as the children they are.

    Accept our children as the children they are.

    Ahmed Nabeeh, the singer of this song, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He recorded this song for Autism Awareness Day 2011. Music and poetry composed by Nadhu (Behavioral Therapist for children with special needs). “I was his teacher for a while and came to notice that he had a hidden talent of superb voice controlling. He was a great singer and recited the Quran beautifully. There wasn’t a day that he wouldn’t be singing in class, […]

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  • Architects Association Maldives at MACI Build Expo 2012/13

    Architects Association Maldives at MACI Build Expo 2012/13

    Several businesses, service providers and various other organizations participated in the MACI Build expo 2012/13  (Maldives Association of Construction Industry) which was held from January 29-31. The newly formed Architects Association Maldives had a stall at the expo. We stopped to have a chat with some of the founding members and participants at their stall. UPDATE: The below article is extracted from the Architects Association Maldives website. All the models that were exhibited at the expo had been destroyed and dumped […]

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  • KalhuSai Bow Meehunge Ihthihard #KSBMI: 04 – Badhige TV

    KalhuSai Bow Meehunge Ihthihard #KSBMI: 04 – Badhige TV

    Thoughts. Constantly evolving in our minds, speculating on all around us. However insignificant a thought may seem to be, you never know what it can expand into unless it is shared. The unshared thought simply drowns in oblivion, taking along with it the plethora of other ideas and opinions that hearing this thought might have bred in other minds. Emmenge presents an excerpt from a conversation where one such thought is shared, and branches out into a myriad opinions.

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  • Love Palestine, hate racism

    Love Palestine, hate racism

    The Maldives is probably one of the most faithful supporters of Palestine, and our relationship with the people of Palestine goes beyond diplomacy. Maldivians see Palestinians as their ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ and as long as I can remember there has always been a prayer for the people of Palestine included in our Friday sermons. We have vowed to ‘stand shoulder to shoulder with Palestine’ in its bid to gain full membership at the UN and it would not be […]

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  • Reflections on 2012

    Reflections on 2012

    It’s the end of 2012 and what a year it has been. Almost one year ago I remember having a conversation with someone who wrote a daily blog for 365 days in 2011 – he wrote pieces on his wedding day and even during his honeymoon! I was inspired by his commitment and although my blogging ambitions were different to his, I had a lot of fun writing whatever I could manage in what turned out to be a very […]

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  • The Death of Good

    The Death of Good

    [issuu width=600 height=400 shareMenuEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120909090306-e32ba2a65f634a8b9d2601c134689960 name=death_of_good username=emmenge tag=comic unit=px v=2] The world has become a dark and dreary place, humanity has become a shadow of its former self. Life for us moves on only to give us pleasure and most of the time it does not matter how we achieve it. If we have to step on our grandmother it`s sad to say that we do it. Humanity is losing the battle with itself, a battle since the beginning […]

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