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  • Love Palestine, hate racism

    Love Palestine, hate racism

    The Maldives is probably one of the most faithful supporters of Palestine, and our relationship with the people of Palestine goes beyond diplomacy. Maldivians see Palestinians as their ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ and as long as I can remember there has always been a prayer for the people of Palestine included in our Friday sermons. We have vowed to ‘stand shoulder to shoulder with Palestine’ in its bid to gain full membership at the UN and it would not be […]

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  • Reflections on 2012

    Reflections on 2012

    It’s the end of 2012 and what a year it has been. Almost one year ago I remember having a conversation with someone who wrote a daily blog for 365 days in 2011 – he wrote pieces on his wedding day and even during his honeymoon! I was inspired by his commitment and although my blogging ambitions were different to his, I had a lot of fun writing whatever I could manage in what turned out to be a very […]

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  • President Nasheed at Klimaforum09. CC Flickr, By niOS

    He was neither Mandela nor Mugabe: A Tribute to President Mohamed Nasheed

    Whilst many Maldivians celebrate the recent forced resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed, at this critical juncture, it is also important to remember the role Nasheed played in transforming the social and political landscape of our country. Nasheed is the country’s first ever democratically elected leader and his rise to power marked the beginning of the democratisation process and most liberating era that the country has experienced in over half a century. Internationally, he is hailed as a crusader for democracy, […]

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  • Lightpainting. CC Flickr, By ABSattar

    Maldivians at a crossroads with religion

    I was once at a presentation where someone stated that ‘today, Maldivians are at a crossroads with Islam’. Coming from a country that likes to claim that it is a ‘100 per cent Muslim’ country and continues to believe and enforce the idea of religious homogeneity, at all costs, I thought it was a very interesting and daring statement to be said in the public domain. Whilst some of us like to deny the reality, these words hit home for […]

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  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay. Photo Gemima Harvey

    For those who say there is no room for discussion on the issue of public flogging in the Maldives – Here’s one for you

    13th July 2011 – Foreign Minister of the Maldives, Ahmed Naseem meets Hillary Clinton in Washington and states “Both the United States and Maldives have the same ideals, and we strive to create democracy in Maldives…. we have been successfully broaching the democratic transition (in the Maldives). I think that was the pivoting of the Islamic awakening … And we are working very closely on the – in the areas of human rights in Geneva”. (Source: http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2011/07/168473.htm) 27th November 2011 […]

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  • walking to work cc flickr, By blindscapes

    Racism. Not a myth in the Maldives.

    One of the most appalling scenes I have witnessed in Male’ was when I saw a group of ten Bangladeshi men treated as second class human beings at the Hulhumale’ ferry terminal. In the waiting area at the terminal, everyone was waiting for the arrival of the ferry between Male’ and Hulhumale’. Once the ferry arrived, the ferry service officer asked all Maldivians to get on board first and commanded the Bangladeshis, in the rudest possible way, to wait until […]

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  • happy national day. CC Flickr,  By notsogoodphotography

    Historical view of Maldivian women!

      happy national day. CC Flickr, By notsogoodphotography A British ethnographer, T. W. Hockley, visited Male’ in 1935 and expressed his views on Maldivian women: “Of the women of the place I saw but few during my sojourn in Male’. Although it is a Moslem country women do not go veiled, but, nevertheless, they seemed very shy and timid as deer, and run inside their houses on the approach of a stranger. The women as a rule are fairer than […]

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