Why did Billabong School censor President Nasheed from Maldives’ 2000 year history?

Why did Billabong High International School in Male’, Maldives, erase the Maldives’ first democratically elected leader Mohamed Nasheed’s presence from it’s Independence Day photo exhibition named “3000 Photos of our History”?


How strong and disturbing a precedent has the school management set for the school environment, teachings inside classes, and free, honest, intellectual discussion among school students on the subjects of history and politics of the country, by this very loud act of cowardice?

Why did the school do it? Did they do it to make the government happy and merry?


Isn’t the school insulting the very intelligence of these school leaders by censoring a whole spectrum of our history in order to please a dictatorship?


Is the school doing this out of fear? Is the school’s existence as a private educational institution under a dangerous risk that the public is unaware of?

How can parents and the public trust a school that is too timid to stand up proud and tall alongside an honest, truthful  documentation of our very own history?

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Is this the way Billabong High in Maldives aims to, in their own words “empower all the students with the necessary life skills required to meet the demands of a fast paced highly evolving 21st century“?

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Images of the exhibition are taken from Billabong High International School’s Facebook page.



  1. Nareeman says:

    Sorry Miss Nisa I am posting multiple comments as my outrage is permitting me to behave in this manner.
    I have recently read this statement released by Billabong school. As I was there at the exhibition, I must say what Mr Ahmed Mahma in comments above states as ‘visible facts’ is actually seen as President Mohamed Nasheed’s portrait visibly and factually not in the portraits of the personalities who ruled Maldives, with one of the three photos of President Nasheed being mentioned, fairly misleadingly, as former MP for Maldives not even ‘then former MP of Maldives’ amd in the other as President Nasheed, of whom there is no explanation. I think Mr Commenter Ahmed Mahma and his moneymaking school has clearly decided to take the undemocratic and gluttonous route to business, and, unforgivably our drag impressionable children through their, retrospectively titled version of ‘distant past’. What an abuse of authority this is, so blatant isn’t it. Where are these Billabong school parents who are happy to let their kids become little business puppets of Mahma. Where are their statements of condemnation.
    What is most laughable is that Mr Mahma and his son Mr Eedham on twitter and the rest of the businessminded cannot even stand by the very stand they took when deciding to remove President Nasheed from their exhibition, because now they have to (retrospectively) release statements saying this exhibition is Pre-2000 and post-2005, only after people have decided to comment on it. It is laughable, these efforts. Not a lot of business élan present in this fumbling they are doing now. What a findi bunch this is, clearly all they care about is money, but need to have things like exhibitions for the inordinate amounts of cash they squeeze out of parents, for the sake of (poorly presented) appearances.
    Also PS: Mr Ahmed it is very telling that you can’t even bring yourself to capitalise the P of President in President Nasheed’s title in your comments. It is terrible that you don’t know how to capitalise in Title Case considering you are the representative of the best school in the Maldives. Also, I think it is intentional, and yet again the damage control of trying to pretend you are not a business baaghee has no value.

  2. Nareeman says:

    i think mahma is posting as Ahmed, damage control is it Mahma?

  3. Ahmed says:

    I kindly urge you to retract and correct the false information being spread against visible facts and thus affecting the work of number of people who did this with the best of intentions to educate children about distant past and not the recent past.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Those who went to the exhibition saw 3 photos of president Nasheed, cover of dhagandu dhahanaa (armoured iron) written by president Nasheed and cover of Sangu – edited by Nasheed. How is this censorship. The person who wrote this article is in danger of becoming just like the very people who he or she is fighting against.

  5. Calming Unicorn says:

    Does writing opinions in question form make it journalism? Pretty pathetic ‘article’ if you ask me!

  6. aisha says:

    Shameless act ..

  7. Nareeman says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Miss Nisa. Billabong school, with this exhibition, has certainly taken a stand. Mr Mahmaa should address this publicly. After all, why not. I would say it is the business parasite instinct that seems to be there in most Maldivian businessmen. The urge to protect money above all, which means siding with dictators while ignoring truth. In a way this is worse than ALIA (who gave Yameen the award) because they hold the future of students at stake here. This school will shape how they grow up and it looks like Mr Makhmaa is trying to keep on trying to cultivate a generation of parasites. He is almost ibilees isn’t he. Parents please boycott. I call on PTA of Billabong to raise their concerns.

  8. Kiss Csaba says:

    This is why I felt uncomfortable there. Leadership of school is dark in their thinking. Of course the school is in a horrendous state now compared to few years back. Children in groups leaving this institution. My main problem was there that the management is cheating costumers big time.

    • Ahmed says:

      Kiss Csaba, there were also reports of a sports teacher who got fired because he was seen drinking alcohol excessively at hellhole island hotel and also broke the leg of one student during his sports practise. is this u?

      • Student says:

        No ths was not him, and for your kind information let me tell u that he was one of the best sports coordinator of our school and he did his job very well.

  9. Naseem says:

    Hayaah kudhakamum, Thareeh olhuvaalhan ulhunas mihaaru olhuva eh nulevene..

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