The Most Important Art Exhibition Held In The Maldives


Yesterday 26th July 2013, marked the 48th Independence day of Maldives, 2nd independence day to befall within the time of coup government, which over threw the 1st democratically elected government of Maldives on 7th Feb 2012.

The day would have been another tedious affair, no more significant than any other, where high level government officials pat their own backs and embellish history,and weave a tangled web of deceit and xenophobia, for selfish political gain. That is until the government decided to lock the doors to National Art Gallery, just hours before an Exhibition curated by RaajeTv, named “2 Fiyvalhu Fahatha”(2 Steps Back), representing Artworks by local artists was due to open to the general public, thus, creating (UN)intentionally The Most Important Art Exhibition To Be Ever Held In The Maldives. “Art”, became the situation itself, and the individual Artists as a unified whole became a singular piece of Artwork. The National Art Gallery was exposed for what it really represents, a government institution, whose sole reason for existence is to keep ideas, opinions, views and arguments locked up safe and secure (Institutionalized & Incarcerated) from the rest of the public. This is a very significant event, where Art became independent from the Artists, and Artists became independent from the Gallery or any space for that matter. Artists can now enjoy being mentally ill, in public, Happy Independence Day all.



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