A moment with Immi

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Dinba Music collaborated with Immi to do the illustrations for their Album Balimaaneh. Immi gave emmenge a moment to talk a little bit about the illustrations and the collaborative process she went through in this project.

How did you end up doing this project?
I was asked by Andhu if I’d like to do illustrations for an album and I agreed.

What were your thoughts when you took on this project?
This is the first project that I’ve worked for in Male’. I had full rein on the illustrations and it would be seen by a lot of people, so I was pretty nervous and excited.

There ain’t a lot of collaborative work that we see around in the Maldives. As a creative individual have you thought about this?
Yes. I think there are quite a few they’re just not very common or have much exposure. I think we’d be seeing a lot more collaborative projects in the future though.


Could you please explain the process in doing  this project?
Well we communicated through emails throughout the whole process. Andhu and I discussed possible themes for the whole album and when I got the songs I went through each and everyone of them to get an idea of the whole album. Once I’d sketched and then coloured I sent them off through email.

What was the most enjoyable part of this experience?
Discovering the old words used in the songs and connecting the illustrations with the songs.

You seem to have used a very distinct style in the illustrations. How did you end up with this style for this project?
I noticed that the songs in the album used very traditional and old dhivehi words. That was the focal point that I wanted to portray across because the words were really beautiful. The style I followed is similar to the Art Nouveau style to which I added various cultural aspects like the bigaru and the holhu-ashi. They’re all related to the songs though.

What project(s) are you working on now?
I’m not working on any other projects since I’m currently on the last few weeks of this semester.

What were your favorite songs of this album?
Kuda Seedhi and Balimaaneh.

Did you know Dinba, emmenge and other collaborators before you had started working on this project?
I knew Dinba from a few years ago and I have stumbled across Emmenge on tumblr a few times.

Would you do a collaborative project like this in the future?


Emau Ahmed Saleem is A citizen of a floating city that’s built upon little winding brick roads that lead to the same place. Yes it’s called Male’. 

Visit the Dinba Music to experience the full virtual album and other Materials.

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