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Letting off Steam or Getting Burnt!


Unless you have mastered the art of patience, temper is no stranger to you. Temper is the state of mind with respect to annoyance or irritability that could have an assortment of colors in a variety of shades, and is accompanied by a range of energies. Colors extend from mild irritations to full fledged rage. Surprisingly enough, despite the lack of background in acting, each one of us could display an amazing number of hues throughout our short life. This segment will focus on the sizzling anger in the flaming colors. The kind of anger that causes blood to pound in your veins, elevates  the blood pressure and raises the level of energy, to name a few.

What is your mode of release? Bland silent treatments? Short fiery spurts of anger? Violet and brutal anger with elements of physical destruction? Do you ‘pop’ like a balloon and calm down or is it more of a volcano? Or better yet, do you pick a tone the situation calls for? Could the situation and circumstances in life alone justify an individual as being ‘short tempered’? What attributes and aspects of the individual determine the frequency, type and the degree of anger associated with him? Could there be a correlation with age or gender? What contributions if any could the family, household and upbringing have to do with it? Could it be rooted from childhood?

How many times have you really had the upper hand? How often when riled up, have you kept a check on self-discipline and self-control? Perhaps no more than a handful! Anger has a way of backfiring. These dark tones of anger play with our biological as well as physiological systems, steering out, towards the brink of control. Burnt bridges, stormy relationships, friendships barely hanging from a thin line, trouble at work, etc. Ring any bells? Although you target the heat towards someone else, somehow you end up getting burnt. Yes, it lets the steam off, but rather than feeling good it usually leaves you feeling less worthy.

In other words, temper merely damages the lesion that instigated it. Think about the number of times unhappinessguilt or regret have entered along with anger, in the same train of thought? Yet, we keep taking these very steps over and over again! I find it strange that we never learn from our mistakes. Surely, we can’t all be that stupid, foolish enough to let the rage build! Could we be naïve enough to underestimate the anger? Or overestimate the will power?

Anger is perfectly normal and perhaps a healthy emotion, until you lose control. The problem with this emotion is that it is unpredictable and powerful. Hence, you fail to predict when or where it would start ruling you. And when it does, the consequence is going to be something between undesirable to detrimental. Could there be a right way or at least a safe way to deal with this emotion?

A wise man once said, ‘Anybody can be angry- that is easy, but to be angry at the right person, to the right degree, and at the right time for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power, and that is not easy’ (Aristotle). I shall leave the decision to you! Nevertheless, I have yet to cross paths with an individual who has acquired this skill!



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