Architects Association Maldives at MACI Build Expo 2012/13

Several businesses, service providers and various other organizations participated in the MACI Build expo 2012/13  (Maldives Association of Construction Industry) which was held from January 29-31. The newly formed Architects Association Maldives had a stall at the expo. We stopped to have a chat with some of the founding members and participants at their stall.

The below article is extracted from the Architects Association Maldives website. All the models that were exhibited at the expo had been destroyed and dumped as waste, just outside the building. 

MACI Build EXPO 2012/13 exhibits dumped as waste

A very promising start to the activities of the Architects Association Maldives has ended bitterly for the Maldives National University students who contributed there projects to exhibit at the AAM stall.

MACI were very kind in offering AAM the opportunity to exhibit at the event. AAM had an excellent response from other exhibitors as well as visitors. AAM received over 40 applications for membership.

The exhibits at the AAM stall included large scaled models of projects as well as large printed presentations.

The bad news came this morning, when the students who went to retrieve their work, discovered everything dumped in the waste bins by some workers at the site.

The students were given till 3 pm to clear their work.

We await an explanation from MACI as well as the organizers, Think Associates on how happened.





Ali Riluwan_ MNU Student Project



  1. sid.a says:

    this means the damages of what AAM might face through is still ahead. This is just a slap i guess. So be ready, be wise and be strong.

  2. Such events in other countries produce more garbage. Its not a problem.

  3. Amani says:

    This is outrageous! I feel like crying!

  4. Vichalhey says:

    This is so wrong. Where were the organizers when this happened. Pls follow-up

  5. hamru says:

    we displayed creativity. Not mass production imported from lanka or china. Those creative models represent individual student. I feel really sad when people don’t pay respect to such piece of art. Architect students dump as wast.

    • Vichalhey says:

      I think those mass produced Chinese imports are also a method good in minimalistic design, affordability & cost-effectiveness. Architecture is not about creating a unique entity alone is it? Are we talking about master pieces?

  6. ishan says:

    The dump is a real manifestation of where the value of ARCHITECTURE or DESIGN as an activity is seen, it happens everyday where clients interact with designers or in how institutions value design . Design has no value . Designers and their designs are trashed everyday without being heard. We have grown accustomed to it. We almost believe it. We can see how the pioneer design studios in Maldives, all of them have gone into contracting and or material supply. Run their studios as drafting houses for contracting firms or for engineers to sign. I’m sure this particular incidence was some miscommunication on somebody s part, but you can’t help but wonder what how people might have reacted had these contract cleaners dumped some expensive samples from one of the trade exhibits.

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