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From an infant to an Adult

snackUpon the birth of a child the family, particularly the parents begin their expectations from it. Then on, begins the unconscious race. But before you charge ahead and go all berserk, how many of you have wondered about direction you are so relentlessly racing towards? Or much less the destination?

Some parents bring up their children assiduously by the book. Not a single step is taken askew. Others meet the books halfway including experimental fragments as well as creative elements. And yet others have such a negligent role that they allow life to takes its course and the baby as young as it is, struggles through the stages of life, practically on its own.

How are the diapers, clothing, toys, books, the formula, food or even water chosen for the child? Should you go for the brands or economize? Should you go for boiled water or mineral? The old fashioned or the newly released? Should you read millions of articles and researches to figure out the first baby food? What justifies your love towards your child? Are your actions purely out of love? Or a subconscious attempt to please you? In other words, an excuse to adhere to your ways, wishes and personality?

How do you deal with the age of terrible two and the temper tantrums? Ignore them? Spanking? Or a bit of both? Should you ask the experts or follow your parents and grandparents footsteps?  For sure we turned out fine! As the child grows the parents more or less bickers on the child’s exposure and experiences in terms of education, sports, recreation and vocations. Science, Art or Business stream? Basketball, chess, football or swimming? Creative arts, baking or piano lessons?  How do you decide? Are you going to lead the child after the dream you never achieved? Or is the child astute enough to make an informed decision?

However you do it, just give it a few years and you are bound to get a slap on your face by a frosty little number, your rebellious teenager. The swiftness of the changes in moods and emotions is sure to leave you dizzy.   Next few years would most likely be a tangle of headaches, palpitations, emotional exchanges and a hopeless struggle to keep your temper at bay that is guaranteed to leave you chagrined.

Finally, you come to catch a glimpse of an adult. A vibrant and dignified adult filled with caliber and courage, radiating a promising future larger than life? An obedient and introverted adult whose face is hidden behind a book or the modern technology? An adult who is simply average? Or one who is too dull or does not possess a single moral fiber that his fate is not worth describing? How many of your actions or decisions had a significant influence on this ultimate result? Did the countless rinses of the toys the branded diapers, ‘mothercare’ suits and ‘leapfrog’ toys shape this person?



  1. Hamraau Ahmed says:

    Its good to give a space. Its all about experiences and outcomes..

  2. amira says:

    Food for thought. We parents struggle through the making of a child into an adult – and we never know what we are creating in the process. Some succeed, some breakdown in the process, some manage somehow … but nobody seems to know the right formula. I say give freedom to the child. let him/her learn from mistakes. be there in arms reach so that the child can ask for help if needed… sixteen years is as much as a parent can really influence …

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