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The Quest for Inner Peace. Seg.1


Through time, regardless of the color, race, religion, sex or even the financial status, people have dedicated themselves on this quest. Countless books have been written on the topic where people have researched and developed exercises, step by step guides, secrets or even shortcuts you could use to achieve inner peace. Theories have been developed and discussed exclusively for women, busy people or other target groups. While some people are claiming that music, yoga or meditation is the way to inner peace, others have come up with products such as oils, inhalers, pillows as well as eye pillows for this sole purpose!  There are books that claim to guarantee you inner peace in as less as 30 seconds!! Could it be that simple or straight forward? How many of you have actually followed one of these books or used one of these products and actually achieved the expected results?

Every day we hear about war, the endless battles where hundreds of soldiers or civilians are killed. We continue to hear about the endless battle of famine faced by some others, whose situation is beyond our comprehension despite the reality of the scenes captured by the modern cameras.  Crimes ranging from petty thefts through child molestation and rape to murders and massacres fill our television screen and news papers enough times every week to make us sick. Despite the immense development in technology we see technical problems such as plane crashes taking lives of many. Floods, tornados, mudslides and other natural disasters keep contributing to the unrest. When creating World Peace seems near impossible, how in the world are we supposed to attain inner peace?

In addition to the consistent turmoil in the world we live in, our day to day life has its own contribution to this unrest. Something inevitable always seems to lurk in the corner, ready to bite! A discord with your spouse or a family crisis? A family member or a close friend falling real sick? Your kid’s actions left you speechless and clueless? Work stress? A weary longing to buy something u cannot afford? Yearning to have something out of your bounds? Bills piling up unpaid? Financial crisis? Overloaded with work? Lack of sleep for far too long? At a given time, you are likely to have a handful of these on your plate! So how, how do you get hold of inner peace?

‘Inner peace’ as it suggests, is a feeling that develops within you despite the chaotic environment or surrounding that engulfs you. A feeling of tranquility and contentment with yourself, your surrounding and life itself. The solution is really simple. You need to learn to accept life!

Want to know the way to go about it? Keep an eye out for ‘Segment 2’



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    Good one.. Waiting for Segment 2

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