A Political Storm

The Original Dhivehi article written by one of our contributor, Adheeb  can be found here. Translated by Mariyath Mohamed . Click link below each image to play media.

This is a response to the Haveeru article, dated 27th January 2012, which focused on the speech given by Dr. Waheed on the occasion of the Independence Day. The text in bold is a translation of what Dr. Waheed stated in the Speech published in Haveeru.

Having sailed into a political storm, the country is now sailing in rough seas.
It is true, the country is sailing in rough seas. This country is caught in the  midst of a political storm. These seas are made rough by the nasty tides of the coup that was brought about on the 7th of February. This storm was brewed for the self-interests  of an ego-centric group of people. Having instigated this storm, the coup leaders now continue to keep these seas rough in order to  cling on to power through fear and intimidation.

Traphic Jam – Bagaavai- OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Regardless of how rough a sea the vessel may be sailing on, when the seasonal rain stops, the country will gain speed and God be willing; will once again set sail on a pleasant voyage.
It is true, the country is sailing in rough seas. This country is caught in the  midst of a political storm. These seas are made rough by the nasty tides of the coup that was brought about on the 7th of February. This storm was brewed for the self-interests  of an ego-centric group of people. Having instigated this storm, the coup leaders now continue to keep these seas rough in order to  cling on to power through fear and intimidation.

President Nasheeds Speech at Raajje mv Launching Ceremony

It is sorrowful that today the country’s social fabric is worn thin and the issues of the country are at a state that continue to keep us worried. It is extremely sad that acts of taking  innocent lives, and attacking or threatening individuals are becoming more common with each passing day.
It is true, after the democratic government was brought down in a coup, the state of the country has detiorated to extremely worrying levels. On the 7th of February, officers of the Maldives Police Services and the Maldives National Defense Force inflicted countless damage to the Maldivian people and their property. On that day, a man jumped and kicked Mohamed Mahir on his back and pushed him on to the ground in the presence of  both police officers and MNDF soldiers, gathered right in front of their  institutions. This heinous act was committed  with the approval of the police and MNDF personals gathered there. On that day the security forces inflicted unjustifiable harm and injury through brute force to members of the parliament and the general public. On the 8th of February, the security forces charged into a gathering of peaceful protesters, and brutally beat up the citizens until they drew blood. They continued to arbitrarily arrest many of the protestors with no sense of order or restraint. In the approximate six months that ensued, the police have unlawfully detained 19 members of the parliament, with no crime committed. Close to 800 citizens have been detained simply for standing up in support of democracy.

State Minister Mahirbe been kicked outside Police HQ

The most important factors of independence are the protection of religion, the strengthening of the Defense Forces and the harmony amongst the citizens.
In my opinion, true independence is the independence of a human being where the state ensures the rights an individual is entitled to by the constitution. Since the 7th of February, the human rights guaranteed to its citizens are being gradually undermined and stripped away. Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Council have released statements condemning several of such incidences.


Today, we see colours of  a modern democracy all around. What other country offer the levels of freedom of expression and of assembly as we do here? What other country has established as many functioning independent institutions to protect the fundamental rights of citizens as we have here? What other country has a system laid out in such a fashion as to ensure complete protection for each citizen through its constitution and laws?
What we see all around us today your illegitimate government destroying the very democracy that the people of the Maldives brought and strengthened in the past five or so years. While the constitution explicitly provides people with the right to assemble, the police are continuing to obstruct the people from exercising this right, including their attempts to inhibit freedom of expression. As people come  together in spaces, demanding their rights be protected, the security forces continue to break their way into these gatherings in full riot gear. They arrest many peaceful protesters, pulling them off to jail. The courts then proceed to dish out sentences barring people from protesting for extended periods of time. Having stated, that the ilegitimate leaders will make the police an institution feared by the citizens, you now proceed to make this a reality. The security forces beat people with batons, and directly pepper spray into the eyes of the protestors. Neither the Police Integrity Commission, the Human Rights Commission nor the Prosecutor General seem to see or hear the many atrocities committed by the police in obvious violation of the laws. The existence of such ‘independent’ institutions in name alone is far more dangerous than them not existing at all. If rights were attainable simply through having them written down in laws, then these rights would have been ensured even when the old blue constitution had been in order. The new green constitution also states these same rights. During the reign of Maumoon’s presidency, the Maldivians believed that that was the epitome of brutality and nepotism. Providently, what followed was President Nasheed’s presidency, an example of good governance untarnished by violence and torture. Today, Dr.Waheed is displaying a rule of brutality far worse than what we had ever experienced before.

Spa ces of con test ation

It is an extremely sad truth, that there is among us Maldivians, a few who who take honor in defaming our country on the international stage.From 11th November 2008 to 7th February 2012,  foreign countries saw the Maldives; as an exemplary case for democracy within muslim countries. They saw our country as a small island state with an innovative approach to dealing with the issue of climate change and environmental preservation. Our country was seen as a country with an inventive youth who were aiming to achieve modern civil activism. But all this has changed following the coup of 7th February. The country’s reputation in the international sphere is being eroded by the uncivilized actions and baseless statements coming from your government who claimed power through a coup.

President Nasheed of the Maldives Installs Solar on the Muleeaage

We must not do anything that may cause harm to future generations and to the nation as a whole. Ultimately, the loss caused by such actions will affect the whole country and every single citizen of the Maldives.
While you advocate for not causing any loss to the nation or its future generations, have you ever once reflected on whether there could ever be a greater loss to a people than the toppling of a democratically elected government through a coup d’etat? Could it even be possible to pass on an act more disgraceful, vulgar and sinful than this to future generations? I wonder if you feel no shame at all in making such statements after having caused such irreversible harm to the nation and its people?

Baton Day 08.02.2012

The nation now faces economic hardships as a result of expenditures having exceeded the amount of income received.
It is your government that acts in the said manner. Financial backers of the coup have been awarded resorts for 50 years without the requirement to pay any amount of rent at all. Large number of officers of the Police and MNDF have been awarded double promotions for their role in bringing about this coup. Salaries and allowances that are paid to the security forces have been raised. 200 new recruits have been brought in to the police services. RuderFinn, a company from the UK, have been paid a 150,000 US dollars to handle PR for the coup government. The amounts spent for international travel of government officials have been raised enormously. Even after having publicly stated that no more political posts will be assigned, you have gone ahead and appointed many more. You have opposed the taking of income tax and have brought an end to the establishment of this as well. I estimate that this year’s debt will again exceed 27%. Like all dictatorial regimes, this government is prone to extravagance.

Gulhi falhu Land Reclamation project

The people who are currently in power have backstabbed Maldivian democracy on the 7th of February. With each passing  day, this wound only gets deeper. Even on Independence Day, the Maldivian people are patiently enduring the effects of this henious act. I wonder how long Maldivians will keep on tolerating these acts.



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