President Nasheed Summoned

The Maldives Police Services released a recording of a telephone conversation, allegedly between former MDP Chairperson/ MP Mariya Ahmed Didi and President Mohamed Nasheed. On the 2nd of August the police summoned Nasheed for questioning. A huge number of pro-democracy supporters gathered outside G. Kenereege, residence of Nasheed, filling up the narrow winding streets. Nasheed and the pro-democracy supporters walked from his residence towards the headquarters of the Maldives Police Services. Several streets were cordoned and barricaded by the Police. Clashes errupted between the riot police and Nasheed’s supporters when they were  denied entry to accompany Nasheed to the Police station. After about two and a half hours, Nasheed came out. The police claim that Nasheed refused to answer the questions presented and instead gave a statement of his own. Meanwhile, Nasheed and MDP claim that the police failed to state clearly the exact charges that were being brought against him.



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