President Nasheed Summoned

A huge crowd of pro-democracy supporters march with Nasheed to the Police headquarters.Riot police get ready as they get news of Nasheed and his supporters approaching. The police had blocked and cordoned all the streets leading to the police station.  Confrontations with the police ensued and several people sustained various degree of injuries. Nasheed and his supporters negotiate a way forward without further confrontations. Former MDP MP Mustafa lost his seat in the parliament after losing a court case, right after Waheed took power. 'This is a political game, they are trying to stop our anni (Nasheed) from contesting in the next election. We will not let that happen' said Hussain Ali, a pro-democracy activist. The supporters crossed the police line and marched with Nasheed.The charges against him stem from a recorded private telephone conversation he had with MP Maria Didi, in which he is alleged to have said; 'we need to find people who are willing to fight the police (brutality)'. The only prodemocracy television channel 'Raaje TV' was barred from covering the event. The police have publicly stated that they will not give any assistance to this specific television channel. Nasheed inside the police station with his legal team and several of his supporters. Nasheed was taken in and the doors were closed behind him. Those supporters who did not make it through the barricades continued to confront the police. Those who managed to make their way to the Police headquarters  stayed outside patiently. Local news paper Haveeru was reporting that Police officers were seen spitting in to the crowd from balconies above.  Several cases of police brutality was once again lodged. The army was called in for reinforcement. ...and several activists and demonstrators were detained. After about two and half hours, Nasheed came out. His legal team claims that the police was unable to clarify the exact charges that were being brought against Nasheed.

The Maldives Police Services released a recording of a telephone conversation, allegedly between former MDP Chairperson/ MP Mariya Ahmed Didi and President Mohamed Nasheed. On the 2nd of August the police summoned Nasheed for questioning. A huge number of pro-democracy supporters gathered outside G. Kenereege, residence of Nasheed, filling up the narrow winding streets. Nasheed and the pro-democracy supporters walked from his residence towards the headquarters of the Maldives Police Services. Several streets were cordoned and barricaded by the Police. Clashes errupted between the riot police and Nasheed’s supporters when they were  denied entry to accompany Nasheed to the Police station. After about two and a half hours, Nasheed came out. The police claim that Nasheed refused to answer the questions presented and instead gave a statement of his own. Meanwhile, Nasheed and MDP claim that the police failed to state clearly the exact charges that were being brought against him.

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