Direct Action Continues

MDP and pro-democracy activists have once again come out on to the streets, exercising their constitutional right to assemble, demanding immediate elections and calling out to bring an end to the continued police brutality. This particular night’s protest comes in the midst of accusations, following the murder of a policeman in Kashidhoo, that MDP and its protestors are inciting violence towards the security forces. Although the murder is so far under investigation, officials of the state, ranging from the de facto president Waheed, to MPs, political party leaders, and even the Commissioner of Police himself have made statements which serve to frame MDP as being broadly responsible for the taking of a life. The common fear is that these baseless allegations may lead to more senseless violence. The pro-democracy activists are, however, far more adamant to reclaim their rights and have placed their cause before caution. Demonstrating against the coup regime, they call out for legitimization through elections and demand an end to brutality from the security forces.



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