Culture of Police Brutality

There is a history of police brutality in the Maldives. Police brutality and violation of human rights are deeply entrenched within the culture of the Maldivian security forces.

The security forces refused to reform itself with the democratic change that was brought to this country. What we are seeing since February 8th, 2012 is blatant proof of this incorrigible security force. Police and security forces continue to show gross inhuman cruelty towards the citizens.

The police and the security forces are abusing the citizens to control and to create an environment of fear. Their aim is to dehumanize and debilitate the public at large. They want the citizens to bow to a dictatorial regime. Without the love of its citizens, the government has no choice but to govern with an iron fist.

On the 7th February 2012, without any reason or warning the security forces destroyed the party center and beat up the MDP members there. The leaders behind this cowardly act were the same people who came to dismantle the MDP party center in 1996 before the democratic election.

We are continuing to seek courage from one another and we have come out against the brutality. The security forces have no right to harm any Maldivian citizens, they should not hurt the the citizens they are mandated to serve and protect. We will not let them violate our rights. The security forces will have to stop this brutality right now.


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